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The Support You Deserve

Hi! My name is Gemma and I am a trained birth professional that provides women and families with emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

As your Doula and Antenatal Educator I want to be there for you, helping you to have the most positive and empowered birth experience you can have. 

So let’s get started.

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“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.”

Jane Weideman

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All About Me

A Mum of two I had my first little one while living in Sydney Australia. With family back home I missed that  support so thankfully I found a wonderful Doula to help me through the pregnancy and birth. After a previous loss I was nervous and was so thankful for that additional emotional support I had. After a move back to Ireland I had my little boy and unfortunately this time I did not have a Doula present. Looking back I realised how much I needed one and it was then that my interest in becoming a Doula myself was sparked!

I trained with DoulaCare Ireland to become their first fully Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and then went on to specialise in VBAC support (vaginal births after caesarean).

I am also a trainee Antenatal Ireland Educator and cannot wait to bring my classes to Wexford soon!

I qualified as the Parent to Parent supporter in the South East as well as a Birth Reflections facilitator with Cuidiu Ireland.  Birth reflections are so important as I believe the healing of any previous pregnancy losses, fears or trauma truly helps in opening up the way for positive future pregnancies and an enjoyable birth experience. I sometimes tie this in with my 3-Step Rewind resolution sessions or this can be a standalone service. 

I believe that women should be supported in whatever decisions they make in regards to their birth and as a Doula I want to help make every birth a special and positive one where parents feel confident, heard and respected.

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What I Offer

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Birth Support

Informative and Compassionate

I am a fully Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and an advanced VBAC doula. My role is to make sure I can give you the full understanding, education, care and attention you deserve.

I offer several different package types to suit every type of birth be it home birth, hospital birth, VBAC, medicated, unmedicated, planned Caesarean, planned induction and so on. 

Each package is tailored to you, your family and your specific needs.

Postpartum Support

Mothering the Mother

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum days with a newborn can be overwhelming.

As your Postpartum Doula I will ensure you get the best information and care possible along with that much needed rest!  

Having someone you know and trust who can support you in these early days will ensure your parenting journey gets off to a great start.

Day and night support rates available. 

 Birth Reflections

Pre or Post Birth Support

A birth reflection provides you with a safe space to discuss and comprehend any past pregnancy or birth experiences using a reflective cycle process.

This helps to make peace with your experience, especially if you had a less than positive previous birth experience. 

It allows you to process any negative feelings or emotions you might be holding on to and carrying forward with you in your current pregnancy.

This can be done over one in-person session. 

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3 Step Rewind

Birth Trauma Resolution

The 3 step rewind is a gentle technique where you are guided through a process which aims to shift discomfort and symptoms that remain following a difficult birth or any distressing birth experience. 

3 Step Rewind can be done over 3 sessions, over zoom on in person. 

Contact me below to discuss if 3 Step Rewind might be right for you. 

Group Antenatal Classes

Antenatal Ireland

At Antenatal Ireland we undertake up to 3 years of training to qualify with a diploma in antenatal education.

In our classes we cover informed decision making, your local hospital services and policies and everything from pregnancy to early parenthood. 

Most importantly our group classes provide the perfect place to find others in your local area at similar stages of their pregnancy journeys.

Class dates and info in the link below.

1-1 Antenatal Classes

Personalised Classes

My 1-1 antenatal classes can be tailored exactly to you and your partner at a time that works best for you in the comfort of your own home. 

This can work well if you have specific pregnancy needs and will cover your local maternity services, your options, informed decision making and everything from pregnancy to parenthood that we cover in our group classes. 

Contact me for more information or to organise your personalised 1-1 antenatal sessions. 

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Client Testimonials

I recently gave birth to my son, and Gemma was there from the start.  We had a great connection and I always found it easy to talk to her. She was also able to connect with my partner (he had some initial reservations about having a Doula) but we both felt at ease in her presence.

When I went into a fast labour suddenly I remember saying to my partner ‘ring Gemma!’ I knew she would know what to do and be the calming influence we needed.

When Gemma arrived I felt better and I was able to focus on what was important. She was there for me and that was the best feeling. She was the calmest person in the room, and there were a few! She has been invaluable to me postpartum working through the birth and recovering physically and emotionally.

I feel really lucky to have had her as part of this journey whilst I evolve into a mother and build my confidence…

Ali - First time Mum


Having Gemma with us for the birth of our child was the best investment we could have made. Gemma is so supportive and encouraging, she made us feel so comfortable with everything during the pre-birth visits, the birth and with follow up care. 

Her support, knowledge and experience made it so much easier for us to have the natural, unmedicated birth we wanted. She also empowered my husband so that he felt so involved in everything and knew exactly what to do. We would 100% recommend Gemma to anyone who is considering hiring a birth doula!

O&M - First time parents

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Covering Wexford, Waterford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wicklow, Dublin South


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What exactly does a Doula do?

A Doula is a companion who supports the birthing person and partner/family during pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum. 

We are trained professionals who provide continuous one to one care with physical and emotional support. We are here to help you feel confident, educated and to find your voice so you can make your birth experience the very best it can be. 

How early should I get in touch with a Doula?

It's never too early to get in touch! There are lots of options to consider and navigating the maternity system can be tricky.  Many find that if they opt for a home birth then many midwives are already booked out in advance.  The support of a Doula can be great here.

Do Doulas only support Home births?

While we absolutely support home births we also support hospital births, medicated, unmedicated, Caesareans, VBAC, planned inductions, general anaesthetic births or whatever your birth might look like. There are also many beautiful things you can do to make this birth yours and be in control.

How will having a Doula affect my partner?

A doula isn't just for the birthing mother but also for the birth partners. We are in no way there to replace them or make them feel redundant but actually there to support them in what can be a challenging and overwhelming time. 

Your Doula can guide your partner through the labour and birth suggesting comfort measures they can offer you. They can know that the mother will be supported if they need to step out of the room, make a call or be with baby after the birth. 

No one knows you better than your partner and we respect that. 

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