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3 Step Rewind

Birth Trauma Resolution

The 3 step rewind is a gentle technique where you are guided through a process which aims to shift discomfort and symptoms that remain following a difficult birth or any distressing birth experience. I went through the 3 step rewind process myself after my second birth and was so blown away by the results that I trained to become a practitioner!

Session 1 - 90 mins.

This is step one and involves sharing your story if you feel called to do so.  The process works just as well if you don't feel that you can share and this is completely up to you and how you are feeling.  Sometimes sharing is helpful to some and can be part of the healing process.  We will look at how these feelings impact your daily life and how you would feel if things shifted. This can be similar to a birth reflection or debrief.  We will end the session with a relaxation using forward focused techniques.

Session 2 - 60 mins.

Here is where we will run the actual rewind process during a deep relaxation. We will aim to reprocess the memory of the event in a way that it no longer holds the triggering emotions it currently does. 

Session 3 - 30-45 mins.

During our final session we will check in and discuss the feelings you now hold and what has taken place since the rewind process and you can begin enjoying the new you!

3 Step Rewind can be done over 3 sessions, over zoom or in person.

It is always an honour to hold space, listen to difficult stories and to then see the transformation that people go through is absolute magic!

3 Step Rewind: Service
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