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What my Clients say

My husband and I were privileged enough to have the wonderful Gemma as our doula for the birth of my son in July 2022. As a second time mum attempting a VBAC, I knew that I wanted and needed to have a doula to give me the best shot! Gemma was a total star throughout my pregnancy -- touching base often to see how we were doing, offering lots of morale support, and coming by our house to do an in person antenatal session. She had tailored the session around VBACs which was particularly helpful, as there is a lot to learn! 

Gemma was extremely accommodating with scheduling as well, offering to do the session on a weekend so my husband could join. Once my due date crept up, she offered the perfect amount of support from afar, with gentle suggestions of things to try out to get labor going and lots of positive reinforcement. Both my husband and I will say hands down that Gemma played an absolutely essential role in getting us over the finish line during labor, which ultimately ended with a successful VBAC. 

From the moment Gemma arrived at our house on the night that I went into labor, we were immediately less panicked and reassured by her presence and support. She has an amazing way of being fully present while also completely unimposing. She encouraged me to try positions that I never would have thought of, offered pain relieving massage and acupressure during contractions, encouraged me that things were progressing as they should. She was essentially our personal guide through the labor journey -- which is quite a journey to navigate when you have never been on it before! 

My labor was long and had a couple of unexpected twists and turns -- Gemma was unwavering throughout, never flagged and reassured us both through the unexpected. 

Bringing someone you don't know well personally into such an intimate time of your life is a big deal. Gemma was a seamless addition to our safe birthing space, and made us feel all the safer throughout. By the time our son finally emerged into the world, Gemma was family, and she will always be a part of our little boy's story. We are forever grateful to her for carrying us through this birth experience and helping us achieve our VBAC. We cannot recommend Gemma enough, and if we are lucky enough to have any more children down the line, we'd have Gemma back in a heartbeat!! 

Sarah - Second time Mum

I recently gave birth to my son, and Gemma was there from the start.  We had a great connection and I always found it easy to talk to her. She was also able to connect with my partner (he had some initial reservations about having a Doula) but we both felt at ease in her presence.

When I went into a fast labour suddenly I remember saying to my partner ‘ring Gemma!’ I knew she would know what to do and be the calming influence we needed.

When Gemma arrived I felt better and I was able to focus on what was important. She was there for me and that was the best feeling. She was the calmest person in the room, and there were a few! She has been invaluable to me postpartum working through the birth and recovering physically and emotionally.

I feel really lucky to have had her as part of this journey whilst I evolve into a mother and build my confidence…

Ali - First time Mum


Having Gemma with us for the birth of our child was the best investment we could have made. Gemma is so supportive and encouraging, she made us feel so comfortable with everything during the pre-birth visits, the birth and with follow up care. 

Her support, knowledge and experience made it so much easier for us to have the natural, unmedicated birth we wanted. She also empowered my husband so that he felt so involved in everything and knew exactly what to do. We would 100% recommend Gemma to anyone who is considering hiring a birth doula!

O&M - First time parents


I never thought that a postpartum doula could not only give me a couple more hours of sleep at night but could also become the emotional support that I needed the most and that unfortunately it’s so underrated during this period.

Gemma helped me to find the confidence in myself that I didn’t know I could have.

You can always tell when someone is passionate about what she does, Gemma is a perfect example of someone that absolutely loves her job because every night she went over and above to support me, my baby and the rest of the family.

C - Second time Mum


Gemma came to us after the birth of our third child. I wish I had known about postpartum doulas after our first two babies were born, and in particular I wish I had known about Gemma! I felt at ease in Gemma’s company from the minute I met her. She made meals for the fridge and freezer, tidied up and put away laundry. She even made me a hot cup of coffee and brought the toddler to the garden so I could drink it! I would highly recommend Gemma as a postpartum doula to any mother.

A - Mum to 3


Just wanted to say thanks again so much for the help in prep for our big day. I used some of the ideas (used the blanket, delayed the cord, X did skin to skin for the whole time I was in recovery and was still snuggled with him when I came back). General anaesthesia was the way it had to be but I fell asleep with such lovely positive thoughts of meeting my little man and it was so lovely to wake up to the news that he is healthy.

D - Second time Mum


Gemma was my doula for the birth of my son, my second child. Having had a caesarean with my first I was planning for a VBAC and really felt like I needed the extra support for navigating the hospital system and preparing myself to have the best chance to achieve the most positive birth possible.

I met with a number of doulas and immediately clicked with Gemma and knew she was the perfect person for us. Following our initial zoom call we then had two pre-birth in person meetings where Gemma came to my house and talked through our needs, went through comfort measures etc. Gemma was always checking in with me in the lead up to the birth offering support and evidence-based information if I had any queries or concerns. My baby's position was a concern for us and she sent me lots of information on how to get the baby into optimal position.

After a pressure filled hospital appointment at 40+3 weeks where I was pushed to book a caesarean, Gemma was there to reassure me that we still had lots of time and to take my mind off that appointment and focus on the positives and to stay in the zone and focus on my plan.

At 5am that night my waters broke and labour started and progressed quickly and Gemma made her way to us as soon as we asked, our baby arrived at home and we never made it to the hospital. About 5 or 10 minutes later Gemma appeared at the door and I could not have been happier to see her. It was a really positive birth experience as I had been very prepared but I was equally happy to have her by my side in the aftermath. She was calm, confident and completely unphased. She really did go above and beyond the call of duty. I don't think any doula expects to arrive to a baby already there, but she took everything in her stride. She was there with us before the paramedics arrived and she helped me to deliver the placenta. I felt like I could really let go after all the hard work and let someone come in and take care of me. She stayed with me while the paramedics arrived, helped clean around me so my 3-year-old could meet her brother, helped me shower and got me comfortable on the couch and helped me to get my baby to latch and feed. She shared in my excitement and I just felt so lucky to have her by my side. Even the paramedics took a step back as they could see we had everything under control. 

She stayed by my side until I was ready to leave in the ambulance to be checked in the hospital and she cleaned up to make sure we came home to a clean house.  Gemma regularly checked in with me after and sent me pictures I hadn't even realised had been taken. We also had two postpartum visits and I was genuinely sad to see her leave on the last day but I was so grateful for all she had done for my family. Gemma was such a huge part of our birth story and someone who will be forever a special person to our family.

L - Second time Mum


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